Featured Luthier: Randy Angella, Concord, California


Beginning with Art Overholtzer’s “How To Build A Classical Guitar,” Randy built several guitars before beginning to develop his own design through experimentation. The influences of Craig Carter and Michael Lorimer helped Angella move in the direction of two luthiers he came to admire greatly: Hermann Hauser for their beauty and technical brilliance and Ignacio Fleta for their deeply expressive sound. Over the years, Angella has built guitars for many prominent players, including: Michael Lorimer, Eliot Fisk, David Tanenbaum, Manuel Barrueco and Jorge Caballero.

The Angella guitar residing in our HGF Featured Luthier display cabinet at SFCM is made with 50 year old Brazillian Rosewood back and sides, a German spruce top and a string length of 650 mm. There are seven fan braces.

“While there is a tendency to evaluate guitars from a limited number of criteria–volume, sustain, sound, ease of play–I prefer to concern myself with a different perspective. I am more concerned with the growth and vitality of the Classical Guitar as a whole. My intention is to build a guitar that is well enough organized to allow the player to perform written music as it is written, without being restricted to guitaristic limitations. Pleasing not only to those that love the guitar for the lovely thing it is, but also to those that love the music as it is written.”
–Randy Angella

Featured Guitar

Randy Angella
2010, Concord, Ca
Spruce top, Brazillian Rosewood back & sides

“This instrument (#192) is made from 50-year-old Brazillian Rosewood and a German spruce top with a string length of 650 mm. There are seven fan braces. It was made for a client that plays “across” rather than “down” into the strings. This guitar works better than my nine-fanned guitars with a lighter attack, yet still produces a rich, focused “Angella” sound.”

–Randy Angella