Blog #4

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Blog #4

Guitarrada is coming! Hope to see you at SFCM on Sunday, December 7 at 7:30PM  in the Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall. Tickets are free, no reservations required.

Guitarrada VIII

Guitarrada VIII—titled Tools And Artifacts— features the Romero guitar quartet–Celin, Pepe, Celino and Lito—and HGF’s new Featured Luthier, Pepe Romero Jr. Special guest performers include former SFCM guitar department chair, George Sakellariou, and faculty member Marc Teicholz. SFCM students will perform solo and in a quartet.

The evening will offer typical Guitarrada fare– lively discussion about guitar history, guitar making and beautiful guitar music, including works by Piazzolla, Schubert and Torroba.

Please note that the Romero quartet is in concert on December 6 at SF Jazz as part of the OMNI series with SF Performances (“Sold Out”).

–Here’s a link to the recent SF Examiner article on the Guitarrada:

–Featured guitars include several new additions to the Harris Guitar Collection:

1878 Torres– 1915 Garcia– 1930 Santos–1948– Barbero– 1962 Arc. Fernandez–  1984 Rodriguez–

1987 Romanillos–2008 Romero

–A note from Richard Bruné, who has been at all the SFCM Guitarradas:

“Unfortunately, family matters prevent me from attending this year’s Guitarrada.  These events have always been a high spot for me, combining my love of the instrument, and its music, history and players.  I am eternally grateful to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for hosting these historic encounters, and to John Harris and the Harris Guitar Foundation for their generous and remarkable donations to the conservatory, which are not only now on public display, but also available to the students, and some of which you will have the pleasure of hearing at Guitarrada VIII in the very capable hands of the Romeros and Conservatory teacher(s) and students.  The instruments featured at Guitarrada VIII are some of the finest and most outstanding examples of the various makers represented, and they illustrate that great instruments do not have a limited lifespan, but actually improve with age and playing.  I am envious of those of you attending Guitarrada VIII, as I know you will experience a very special and unique evening of delightful playing, story telling, and maybe even some horse trading!”  –Richard Bruné

Next Featured Luthier:

Many thanks to SF luthier, Alan Perlman, who was our first Featured Luthier in the new HGC display cabinet at SFCM, represented by a gorgeous Spruce and Satinwood guitar. His many meetings with guitar students this year were instructive and enjoyable. Our new Featured Luthier, San Diego’s Pepe Romero Jr., will be represented by a 2008 cedar and rosewood guitar, #138, which will be in the Featured Luthier cabinet at SFCM through the Winter. Pepe Jr. and his guitar will join us on stage at the Guitarrada to discuss the guitar, its sound and materials. His father will no doubt give the instrument an exciting test drive.

On Monday, December 8, Pepe Jr. will meet with SFCM students to discuss his guitars and the influences on his work by luthiers represented in the collection.