Julián Gómez Ramirez

1936, Paris

Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Rosewood

Julián Gómez Ramirez (1879-1943) studied in the shop of José Ramirez I, though he was not a blood relation as he later claimed to be. Moving to Paris at the end of the 19th century, he established the Torres guitar in Paris and launched a new French school of lutherie. Like Manuel Ramirez, who he trained with before leaving for Paris, the emphasis in his building was on the Torres guitar, not the guitars of Jose Ramirez I.

In 1936 a young artist and guitarist named Robert Bouchet visited the Gómez Ramirez shop. He began to train with Gómez Ramirez—his only student–and by the late 1940s was building guitars that would further develop the French school of lutherie. This simply decorated 1936 Gómez Ramirez guitar, with a scale of 657mm and dimensions close to the collection’s 1912 Manuel Ramirez, has had extensive repairs and some thinning of the top when refinished. Neverthe less, it retains a very charming old world sound with deep bases and refined trebles. One can speculate that when it was completed in 1936, Robert Bouchet was in the shop and played it.